LEGACY OF LOVE available now!

LEGACY OF LOVE, the third and final book of the contemporary romantic suspense Legacy Series, is finally available. Although it helps to read the first two, this book can also be read as a stand-alone. Thank you for your help in spreading the word!

Barnes&Noble and Apple's iBooks will have it live later today, but for now here's the Amazon link.



LEGACY OF LOVE Coming September 15!!!

It's taken me a long time to finish Book Three of the Legacy Series, but it's finally ready with a publication date of Monday, September 15!!!  I hope readers enjoy this one as much as the first two.

Sebastián Castillo is handsome, rich and ambitious. Love is something he wants, but can’t seem to find.
Danielle Doherty is beautiful, creative and successful. It’s easier for her to walk away from love than to risk her heart.
He falls for the wrong women. Life has taught her not to trust men.
Dani and Sebastián never forgot the one night of passion they’d shared, but the successful fashion designer lived in New York and the vineyard owner in Argentina. With five thousand miles between them, a relationship was impossible.
When their paths cross six years later, the intense attraction hasn’t diminished, but Sebastián has an enemy powerful enough to destroy him. Will sinister forces and emotional issues create obstacles that are impossible for them to overcome?


TBT (turn back Thursday)

I posted these photos on my Facebook page for TBT as a look back at my younger self when I worked at TIME magazine. It was an exciting time. The hours were long, the work was challenging, but it was so much fun!
These were taken at a Washington party and I'm talking with Henry Kissinger and Ted Kennedy. The tall man in the glasses is Jason McManus, my editor, who went on to become the magazine's editor-in-chief.


Legacy of Love (series book three) cover reveal!

Although Legacy of Love, book three of the Legacy series, won't be published until summer, the cover is ready. I love it and hope you do too! What do you think? 


The BEST review!

This five-star review was posted on Goodreads today. This is one of the best descriptions I've seen of what it's like to read Legacy of the Highlands. So happy!

"What do you get when you write a hot romance, with a tall, dark and sexy hero and not a typical -- please save me, I'm a clumsy virgin who is in way over her head -- but a smart, sexy proactive heroine and THEN throw in political intrigue, murder, a lesson in history and sex......you get Legacy of the Highlands. Legacy of the Highlands is not in my wheelhouse of usual reads..I usually end up reading romantic eroticas and chick lit full of misspellings, grammatical errors and filled with thans rather then THENS...you get the picture. I loved this book, the Hero, Diego, is not a so-over-the-top Alpha male who gets his kicks with some whimpering, simpering heroine. Alex, our heroine, is smart, savvy, prone to flirting and has great friends and healthy relationships. I particularly enjoyed Alex's conversations with her BFF Francie, they were fun, realistic and flowed beautifully. Ms. Schultz's attention to detail and her research paid off big time. The author took a subject I knew nothing about and detailed the historical and the contemporary aspect of Scotland's fight for independence from England. I was never bored, carried my ereader into the bathroom with me and sat for four solid hours reading this book. Everything about this book was spot on from pacing to love scenes...this book has it all."


Galleycat recommendation

So cool to discover that A Legacy of Revenge is one of three books recommended on Galleycat, one of the best read websites about the publishing industry. And they included a buy link! 


Book three of the Legacy series

Book three of the Legacy series is 30,000 words, close to the halfway point. I'm enjoying the twists and turns and the developing romance between Sebastián and Dani. 
The story starts in Cabo San Lucas, moves to San Francisco, then to New York and Buenos Aires. Seb has messed with the wrong people, but he doesn't know who's after him or why (I do!). After spending the night with a woman from his past, he drives to his Mendoza vineyard in the next (unwritten) chapter.
This final book of the trilogy features many of the same characters readers loved in the first two: Alexandra Cameron MacBain Navarro, her husband Diego, his former bodyguard Serge Sidovsky, Alex's friend Dani Doherty and, of course, Giovanna Navarro. Many new and intriguing characters join them in a story of romance, revenge and friendship.

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